Best Places in Spain

Every country is unique in its own fashion and Spain can boast a lot of things that make it “the first”, “the best”, “the only one”, etc. Considering the above, it is not an easy task to draw a list of best places in Spain, yet I’ve tried hard to pick those sights that are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who chooses to travel Spain.

So, what are the best places in Spain worth visiting?

Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, is a great spot to start with, no doubt here. The city is always on the cutting edge of architecture, industry and fashion. Some say it is even more cosmopolitan than Madrid. But do visit Barcelona and judge for yourself. Stroll down the lively La Rambla, come to admire the unfinished yet imposing Sagrada Familia, marvel at the famous Barcelona Cathedral and spare some energy for the night as the city changes its face after 10 PM. Birthplace of the genial architect Antonia Gaudi, Barcelona boasts a number of unique monuments like La Pedrera or the Parque Guell that may either seem ingenious or ugly, but will not leave you indifferent for sure. You could also take the advantage of Barcelona’s coastal location and move further to Costa Brave, France or the Balearic islands.

Another beautiful city on this list of best places to visit in Spain is Madrid. This is a treasure-trove of art works from different epochs and cultures with the museums making up the Golden Triangle, including the Museo del Prado. Besides, Madrid is a political core of the land as most important Governmental institutions have their headquarters here. The Palacio Real, Puerta del Sol and the rebuilt Opera House are just some of the sights worth visiting in Madrid. Travel Spain and get some exquisite entertainment of this vibrant world’s capital!

Continue to travel Spain with a tour around Andalusia that has beautifully preserved remnants of the Arabic rule; take a horse-driven carriage ride in Seville, get to know the architectural masterpiece of its Cathedral and Christopher Columbus’ tomb with the Giralda, photograph the Islamic palace of Alcazar and taste some tapas that are said to have been invented in Seville. Move to Cordoba to see why UNESCO put this former capital of Umayyad Caliphate on the World Heritage List. Make sure you visit the Mosque with the Santa Maria Mayor cathedral. Take part in the Fallas festival of Valencia in mid-March and check out the Granada’s Alhambra…

Spain is a country that has enough sights to astonish and fascinate a most fastidious traveler. So, Travel to Spain and see it and live it yourself!

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