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Defective Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh is a medical device used in women who underwent a surgery to repair POP. POP or pelvic organ prolapse is a medical condition consisting in the inability of the pelvic muscles to sustain organs such as the bowel, bladder, uterus, rectum or top of vagina. The condition most often occurs after childbirth. If the diagnose is severe affected women will need surgery to put the organs back to their place. After surgery doctors might recommend the use of a transvaginal mesh, a screen-like device made with the purpose of reinforcing the muscles of the lower abdomen. The device can be placed through the vagina or through an incision in the abdomen.

Although the device should help patients, many complained about a number of problems resulted from mesh contraction or erosion. Women affected by the device can suffer vaginal tightness or shortness, organ perforation or urinary incontinence and should consult with mesh doctors.

Urinary incontinence is a symptom consisting in involuntary loss of urine. The problem involves only the urinary system including the kidney, the bladder and the urethra. Although many individuals avoid talking about this problem there are about 25 million Americans dealing with it, as a permanent or temporary condition. The leak of urine occurs during different activities for example when a person exercises, puts pressure on the bladder, coughs, sneezes or laughs.

The problem can be embarrassing and affect a person’s both social and personal life. Fortunately in about 80% of the cases the condition can be treated or at least improved. Treatment options include bladder retraining, pelvic muscle rehabilitation, medication and surgery. However all these represent additional problems to women who already underwent a physically stressful childbirth, a pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery and maybe another surgery to have a mesh introduced that was supposed to help them recover sooner. These women are advised to consult a personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of financial compensation. If they have a valid legal claim they are entitled to compensation that should allowed them to afford the best medical care available. Since the majority of law offices offer a free initial consultation such a procedure cannot harm.

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