For many fashionistas and women simply buying a fur coat has become one of the top priorities in life. Some of them try to extract from their male friends, others are trying to do it to make money. But in order not to lose your choice, you need to know how to choose a fur coat.

It is necessary to approach this matter as seriously as possible so that you do not have the feeling of doubt and regret. To do this, pay attention not only to beauty but also the cost, wear, production of the fur coat.

Select the skin. In order to be able to choose the right flooring, the first thing you need to decide is your way of life. That is, for those who like to travel often by car it will be better to choose a fur coat with a brief skin not too hot. So it will be much more practical for a woman to stay a long time in the car without sweating or freezing even if you have a short period of time somewhere to get out. And if, in addition, car seats are equipped with heating, it is best to make your choice in favor of a small sheepskin with durable skin. And those girls who prefer shorter, whether, in the streets or parks, you need to focus on the longer model. And long fur coats should not be afraid of factors related to water and snow. But with a strong desire to have a long coat should be prepared for the fact that next year can be shortened. Also, when choosing a coat, pay attention not only for its softness and the restoration of the skin but also the fact that the skin does not have a smell.

To select a good quality fur coat, you need to turn your attention to its usability. More Socks is considered to be made from the skin of aquatic animals. Thus, the skin of the otters serves about 20 seasons, from beaver skin — about 18 and seals — about 17 seasons. In addition, from fur coats to aquatic life include such as nutria skins, seal, muskrats. Very common in Russian steel coats, wearing fur that consists of an otter. Otter is very rarely used. For a large amount of raw material for the manufacture of fur coats, many specially raised and treated animals from special farms. But the otter has not given an involuntary form of life. Some manufacturers have come up with such tricks that mimic mink fur using nutria by simply plucking. It should be noted that, generally, such skin is selected, which can still be used for at least 10 seasons. This is not true of these skins as rabbit fur (missing only 2 seasons), marmot skin (about 4 seasons), fox fur (5 seasons).

It is useful for learning about methods, techniques, types of fur processing. Skin can be cut, ripped, dyed. Some fur coats products can be made from various skin types, and some of them can be processed with a laser. Using the laser can help in buying pattern in the coat.

Go shopping, you can go anywhere, even if you go on a trip. In distant countries, you can also buy unique models of fur coats.

The market model is attracting attention with its cheaper cost. At the same time, you have to be very, very careful, because there is no one that can guarantee you of the quality. It is best to naturally pick up a great company with a good history, where you can safely choose a fur coat, or rather, your style. If you want a mink coat, then you have to spend a large sum of money.

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