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How To Find The Best BBQ Grill?

Seared, tender and juicy… there’s nothing that compares to the aroma of freshly grilled food on your table nor is there anything that comes close to the flavor it brings to the palate. But grilling has a secret that requires your undivided attention and it all starts with your choice of barbecue grill. Listed below are some tips to assist you on how to find the best barbecue grill that will suit not just your budget but your methods as well. Without further ado we start with::

Grill Design

There are three grill designs that are popular in the market today and each design is dependent upon where you cook and for how many people, so choose wisely.

The Indoor Grill comes in a tabletop design in order to fit on top of a kitchen counter, preferably positioned near a window. It is powered by either a propane gas delivery system or by an electric coil to minimize smoke inside the house and prevent the accidental trigger of the smoke detector.

The Outdoor Grill is, in every sense of the word, meant for outdoor use due to its size and design meant to be used on your patio or the backyard. It is made with durability in mind to withstand the elements and uses the popular charcoal fuel, the propane gas, or electricity in some models, to grill your food.

The Portable Grill is aptly named as it is designed to be compact, light and easy to store. This is the most popular choice for those who love camping and the outdoors. Charcoal and disposable gas canisters are the main source of fuel for this design.

Best Grills

Grill Type

There are three main types of fuel used to cook food in any given barbecue grill and each delivers its own unique taste results.

The Electric grill uses electricity to heat up the burners which produces the heat needed to cook your food. One advantage it holds over the other grill types is that users will find no need to deal with messy charcoal or constantly buy additional LPG canisters/tanks for their grilling needs.

The Propane Gas grill is popular for its convenience as it uses disposable 14 and 16 ounce LPG canisters or 20oz. refillable tanks to operate the burners. This type also heats up quickly than its counterparts due to the fact that it has a higher BTU rating as it uses direct flame to heat up the grill to cook your food. Additionally, this type is preferred by first time buyers as one can easily adjust the flames/heat accordingly.

The Charcoal grill is by far the oldest method of grilling food. It is the popular choice among grill aficionados due the resulting taste and aroma of the grilled food even though you have to deal with the messy charcoal first. A small price to pay for a sumptuous meal.

Price and Practicality

This one is quite a bit tricky to assess as it all boils down to a buyer’s preference and budget as there are a lot of brands and models that offer different deals on different designs. In order to gauge the practicality of a certain product, one has to consider the cost of ownership throughout the life of the product’s service. But as in all purchases, anything that meets or surpasses a buyer’s expectation is actually worth the price paid for regardless of type or design.

The ideas presented above are only offered as a suggestion on how to find the best barbecue grill without bias or hints towards a particular product brand or variety. For detailed reviews of one of the top brands when it comes to grills you can refer to BBQ Grills Info website, they have a lot of grills reviewed for your easier choice. Because at the end of the day, a person’s grilling expertise and preference of grilling method is what will dictate their purchase.


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