Restaurant Furniture Style is Very Important

Obviously the food is the star of any restaurant. Whether you own a James Beard Award winning seafood restaurant in Manhattan, or the local pizza joint that’s the pride and joy of your hometown, the food is what keeps customers coming back. But the vibe and feel of a restaurant plays into the overall experience of dining out. Your customers first impression is the most important thing you should focus on.  The first thing they see in your restaurant is your hostess and the hostess stand, so you should really try to have a polite and attractive hostess with a great looking hostess stand too. There are so many restaurant podiums to chose from online you will certainly find something for your restaurant.

Fine dining and upscale bistros generally go after an expensive, but elegant look. Traditional hardwood chairs are the perfect style for these types of restaurants. Hardwood chairs are durable, yet very classic in design and taste. They can be custom designed with intricate patterns and detailing or focus on simple, clean lines- whatever you are looking for.

More urban feeling eateries, the types with exposed brick walls and utilitarian lighting fixtures, are the perfect place to incorporate stainless steel chairs or dark wood finish chairs with metal accents. The chair selection should add to the industrial vibe. A plush armchair detracts from that feeling; they are more at home in a coffee shop nook. But a detailed metal bench can add to the contemporary design. All the pieces have to work together to create a fluid experience.

Some restaurant styles dictate very specific chair designs. You wouldn’t expect to see patio furniture pulled up to an inside bar. And 50’s style diners demand 50’s style booths. When there is a disconnect between the food and design, it sends mixed messages to the patron. What are they supposed to be experiencing? Is it the décor that doesn’t match the food, or does the food not fit with the décor?

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