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Rodents are mammals that are characterized by two front incisors in both the upper and lower jaws. These pairs of incisors are continuously growing and can only be kept short by the animal gnawing. Common rodents are: rats, mice, squirrels, guinea pigs, beavers, porcupines and voles. Many rodents are herbivores, eating plants, seeds and nuts, though some do have a more varied diet.

Rodents can range widely in size, from the tiny African pygmy mouse that weighs a quarter of an ounce to the Capybara that can weigh up to 140 pounds. Some rodent species have been historically known as pests that spread disease. Still others have been used as food sources in many cultures. Asian and Indian cultures freely consume rats and squirrels while the country of Ghana consumes more than 50 percent of its meat from cane rats that are farmed and hunted.

Rodents are also kept as pets in many countries. Everything from gerbils to white lab mice are kept in homes as pets and even taught to do tricks. Many other rodents, such as rats and house mice and even squirrels to some extent, are considered to be pests. These types of rodents can gnaw and chew up anything, invade food and water supplies and spread diseases to humans through saliva, droppings and urine.

When rodents invade homes and properties it may be time to contact Rodent Control to fix the problem. Before calling in the professionals there are some steps that can be taken to keep rodents from infesting homes and grounds. The first step is to practice good housekeeping. This includes keeping food and trash picked up, keeping trash cans away from the house and tightly lidded. Remember to keep pet foods in tightly sealed containers and pet feces disposed of properly.

Once an infestation has been noticed it may be time to look at pest exterminator. A do-it-yourself type homeowner may opt for rodent extermination products than can be purchased at any hardware store. These products range from traps to baits and poisons and each has their own pros and cons.

If the infestation is extensive it is possible that the only solution is calling reputable rodent exterminators to handle the infestation. Sometime the root of the problem lies on adjacent properties and the infestation must be controlled through collaborative efforts with neighbors and exterminators in addition to basic home maintenance and housekeeping practices.

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