Simon Arias: The Entrepreneur

He is a populous and a very successful entrepreneur with specialization in insurance. Simon Arias career after studies in America-Income _Insurance Company. Within a single year in the company, Simon Arias managed to rise up to an executive-level. His aggressiveness in sales made him rake so many sales making him start earning a six-figure salary within one year.
Simon Arias entrepreneur held a State General Agents tag in four different states concurrently. Simon Aria was a state General Agent in Agent in Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania as well as Maryland. In two consecutive years, Simon Arias businessman won the the State General agent (SGA) of the year. This was not achieved by anyone else in the company. Since that, he appeared in the books of records as the youngest State General Agent with only 24 years. In the company history, it had not promoted any employeed before to this level at this young age.

His great achievements were facilitated by hardworking and becoming relentless from implementing the mentorship he received from his two colleagues- A regional Director as well as a fellow GSA. Simon Arias with his passionate to assist people get out of financial constraints and helping his teammate achieves their target goals. Simon Arias the businessman is always passionate to be a role model and mentor so many youths as possible to make sure they are enjoying finance freedom.

Simon Arias has given back to community by funding different programs in Youngstown, his hometown that is purposely there to help youths become entrepreneurs and helping other peoples acquire financial freedom.

He has gained various honors as well a due to his hardworking and magnanimity. Considering the Simon Arias personal traits and self-telling proved record, you should not be surprised that the company he founded grew big within the first year.

Arias Agencies

Simon Arias established Arias Agencies Company in 2008. The company acts as a representative America- Income- Insurance Company in Maryland, West Virginia, Florida as well as Pennsylvania. The company has since grown rapidly since the time it was founded.. The secrets behind its growth are Simon Arias’ Midas Touch.

Since 2002, the company has always been named as the best place in Pittsburgh to work in. This famous businessman is always obsessed to make everyone around him successful and he takes all responsibility to mentor as well as supports them with the resources he has. That was the reason behind many cried while others filled by emotions after he was officially announced as the Year’s SGA. This was hard decision that there is none could even think to contest for it.

Arias Agencies sells various AIIC products, The products offered by this company under Arias agencies include family information guide, Freedom choice programs, protection programs, No cost products as well as supplemental-health insurance and life insurance.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the main product that Arias Agencies offers. It has further been divided into four types as listed below.

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Head Start Program
  • Final Expense Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance cover entire lifetime. Its premium stands still. The amount paid by the policy holder is the same and it lasts for the entire life.

Final Expense Insurance

This covers funeral expenses for the policy-holder When your loved one dies and incurring other expenses on funerals can be frustrating when you can’t afford. Thus this policy is there to help you


Simon Arias has achieved great things at a very young age. He rose to executive level within a period of one year and crowned the state General agents of the year in two years consecutive making him the youngest and first employee to achieve that.

Simon Arias persistent and hardworking as well as keeping his mentors word together with his willingness to help other colleagues in or out of the business succeed has played a very big role in his first growth.

This renowned businessman founded insurance agencies known as Arias Agencies that sell the American Income Insurance Company which operates in various cities. Typically Simon Arias has achieved what a normal man can not easily achieve.

If you want to become a successful business owner, make sure you posses all the features found in Simon Arias and you will definitely make it.

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