Smarter Hairstyles For Smarter Women

Nowadays, designers not only show the latest trends in the garments but they also come up with the latest trends in hair accessories.

Whether you prefer long hairstyles or short ones, it is every woman’s dream to be in the latest fashionable clothes along with having one of the newest hairstyles. A fashion trend is not stylish unless accompanied with the cutest hairstyle to bring out one’s natural personality and beauty. During summer, the ladies prefer short and sassy hairstyles that are the hottest and are new in fashion. The most popularĀ hairstyles for women are layers, pixies and bobs.

Different hairstyles for women

The layers: Layered hairstyles suit all women of any face shape and of any age. These styles will work great with any type of hair length, they are easy to manage, add volume to the hair and it takes very little time to style the hair before you go out. When layers are added to the sides and top of the short hairstyle, it becomes one of the trendiest styles among short haircuts and can be worn by women during summer.

The pixie cut: This style was popularized in the 60s and best suits the summer time, the pixie cut is most popular among all the celebrities, singers and actresses. The most carefree and cutest pixie of all times is the messy pixie cut. This cut work best with wavy, thick hair and also with straight hair. It looks best on oval, heart-shaped and square faces. However, you might have to avoid this kind of cut if you have a round facial shape.

The bob cut: The bob cut is in vogue now and the ladies are going crazy over it. However, now hair is kept a little bit longer rather than the rounded style with fringed bangs. The whole look is now more retro-inspired than earlier and gives a softer look. There are yet some ladies who love the short rounded bob. It gives quite a French look if you wear super short bangs and specially gives you a chick look. If you have an oval-shaped face, then it will work especially well for you and it should be avoided completely if you have a round face. This super short style is very easy to handle and easy to carry. It is definitely going to make you look unique and classy.

The above-mentioned information will definitely help you choose a brand new trendy style to suit your look and personality perfectly. You could also search the internet on sites like and various magazines to find the hairstyles you like the most and head over to your stylist to get your diva look. A good hairstyle will definitely boost your confidence to face the crowd.

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