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What is WhatsApp Plus?

The WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, which allows various changes in customization and privacy App IM leader. Due to the great popularity of this version, which incidentally is surpassing the original, the developer has decided to update it constantly to add different functions and make improvements following the suggestions of its users.

It is so that the version 6.43 of WhatsApp plus is already available in Android that has incorporated different novelties and functions that we are going to detail next:

  • Repair of animated emoticons
  • MOD to hide the blue popcorn (message read)
  • MOD to hide the second popcorn (message received)
  • Blocking blue popcorn when playing voice notes (if you’re hidden)
  • Repair the problem of sending messages
  • Other improvements and updates

Functions of WhatsApp Plus

Personalized themes

There are more than 700 background templates to personalize chat conversations, placing each different background, which does not happen with the original version. In addition not only you can change the background you can also change the background of the contact list, its appearance, the color of the bar and text, and you can even change the type of WhatsApp logo.

Variety of emoticons

The WhatsApp plus has thousands of emoticons, which can be animated or simple, in addition we also find inside the popular memes that will give our conversations a bit of humor and a better expressiveness. However, these emoticons can only be viewed by people who also have WhatsApp +, otherwise the other person will simply get an empty message.

Turn off blue popcorn

To maintain privacy and ignore some messages that you do not want to answer simply we will have to deactivate the blue popcorn of WhatsApp Plus, which warn when a message has been read. It also offers the option to remove the second check that warns that the message has been received by the recipient.

Hide status online

If you do not want other people to know that you are active within the application, you just have to add the MOD Plus Donation to be able to access the ‘hide online’ option of whatsapp +. When you activate the option, your contacts will only see what your last connection was and even when you are talking to a contact, you can only see your temporary time connection, that is, after a few seconds the same person will only see your last connection even if you are active.

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