Why a Patent Lawyer

Only Patent Lawyers or Patent Agents can represent you at the US Patent and Trademark Office in getting your invention issued as a patent.

The language of patents is a specialized field, especially as concerns the drafting of claims.

A Patent Lawyer or a Patent Agency, such as InventHelp, knows the procedures to respond to rejections by the USPTO patent examiner, how to respond to prior art, how to prepare patent applications and responses in the proper form.

Only lawyers can represent you in court. This includes court appeals, patent appeals, lawsuits against infringers, pursuit of contested trademarks and lawsuits against trademark infringers.

Many court cases are lost by individuals not knowing the rules to be followed in filing lawsuits and courtroom proceedings.

In pursuit of legal remedies there are interactions between legislated laws, court interpretation of laws and courts following the precedent set in prior cases (case law).

If you need someone to appear at court on your behalf, you need a lawyer. Not all lawyers are equal. Only patent lawyers who have passed a special test for patent lawyers and agents can represent you in patent matters at the US Patent and Trademark Office as discussed inĀ article.

The US PTO keeps a list of registered patent lawyers and agents at its website

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