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Why Do You Need SSL For Your Website

When buying and selling on the Internet just started to get popular, it wasn’t such a big deal to enter your credit card or personal information into a website, but now you have to be more conscious and customers are becoming more and more educated about Internet security and secure sites.

Therefore, as a business owner it is important to make sure that you have a secure site and your clients don’t have any concern with the security of their information when making a transaction on your website or providing personal data.

Any website that is asking for or collecting “sensitive” information that would do damage in the wrong hands should be on a secure connection. Information like credit cards, passwords, personal information, and social security numbers are considered “sensitive”.

A secure connection is important to not only protect the website owner from potential fraud, but to protect the websites visitors from their information getting into the wrong hands.

Many people ask the question “What is SSL”? First of all the abbreviation SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer – meaning it is providing a layer of security.

Here are the two main and most important reasons on why to implement SSL Certificates:

  • Helps confirm to visitors with non-forgeable proof that the website is actually who they say they are, if the site is claiming to be PayPal for example, the SSL certificate will make the validation.
  • Ensure the data that is going from your visitors browser and the site browser cannot be read, deciphered or decrypted by any other third party who could be trying to hijack the information during the exchange of data.

If your website collects “sensitive” customer information, make sure you have SSL Certificate also known as SSL Certificate to help protect yourself from fraud, but to also protect your visitors.

In addition, adding this extra level of security will set you apart from your fellow competitors who don’t have this extra level of security,think about it, who would you rather do business with, a website with extra security or one without? However, installing SSL will not protect your website from Website Spam. If you have a lot of spam, you should probably refer to the professionals who are in Website Spam Protection business as they know what to do to fully protect your website. If you are serious about your business website you should really consider this kind of protection.

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